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Oceanpower Headquarters Signed to settle in Pingshan District
Date:2014/11/18 16:53:24

Establishing a low-carbon economical and standard institute, Constructing global water reusing scientific demonstrated base.

Reportors of Shenzhen Economic Daily: Qingshan Huang, Yong Pan

Oceanpowers high-end innovative resource will be located in Pingshan District. Yesterday, Pingshan District and Oceanpower have signed the framework agreement in Shenzhen Exhibition Center. The agreement includes creating Oceanpower Pingshan headquarters base, establishing China standard institute south low-carbon economical and standard institute (China Standard South Institute), and building south standard management school. Both sides will build global water reusing scientific demonstrated base with the help of national standard organization.

Deputy mayor Yihuan Wu, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC of Shenzhen Weike Cheng, Pingshan district Party Committee Secretary Xusong Yang, director of Pingshan District management committee Delin WU and president of China National Institute of Standardization Lincong Ma were presenting at the signing. Pingshan District party committee secretary Xusong Yang said, Shenzhen Oceanpower is the well-known company of Shenzhen Standard Innovation Companies, through the high-tech fair, Shenzhen Oceanpower will locate Pingshan, which will bring the high-end resource to the high-tech industries of Pingshan District, and promote Pingshan District becoming the Shenzhen standard and Shenzhen quality technology highlands.

Polo He, CEO of Oceanpower said, Pingshan District is Shenzhens new manufacturing cluster and low-carbon demonstrated area, will provide a good industry chain environment of low-carbon economical and standard research. Oceanpowers headquarter settle in Pingshan district will expand industrial space optimizing system. With the help of Guangdong Bureau of Quality Supervision and Pingshan district, it will further release Oceanpower standard advantages radiation and competitiveness.

The establishment of International standard in the production factory

At present, to build Shenzhen quality and standard has become the core power of improving Shenzhens competitive advantage. Pingshan district according to the guidance of government, manage in building Shenzhen quality and Shenzhen standard. Vigorously promoting the green and low-carbon construction, make Shenzhen a new east city.

Bring Shenzhen Oceanpower in Pingshan district, especially the National Standard South Institute; build South Standard Management School, with the help of international standard organization, building the global water reusing scientific demonstrated base in Pingshan district. While this project is being carried out, Pingshan district will explore a way for Shenzhen standard, Said by director of Pingshan district management committee.

China Standard South Research Institute will become the factory of producing international standard, and also the human resource of standard. This institute will be helpful in improving enterprises ability of national standards making and application, building the international standard cooperation platform, taking over the global market in its standard advantage. The institute will control South Standard Management School, and become the base of cultivating international standard personnel.

President of China National Institute of Standardization Lincong Ma said, the PRD is the headquarters of Chinas manufacturers and international manufacturers, Oceanpower hosting the South Institute of Standard will promote Shenzhen becoming a more creative city, improving Shenzhens global competitiveness.

Lincong Ma said, behind the research of standardization, is the core technology and huge market space. In the era of the economic globalization, the new competitive landscape is the third-rate companies sell products, the second-rate companies sell brand, the first-rate companies sell standard.

Special School will be a new platform for Standard Creation

Shenzhen is a city in water scarcity in China. Global water source reusing scientific base with the helpful of global standard organization, will try to make the most use of the advantage of Pingshans area and industry. Recently, the research and development topic include: desalination of see water, water reusing, groundwater recharge, river water treatment and so on.

South standardization management school is a special school for promoting standard creating, which has followed the secretary of municipal party committees guidance; Oceanpowers settle in Pingshan district is the way of responding to the government, using the international advanced standard to improving industrial competitiveness.

Introducing International Standard Organizations Headquarters in Advance

Oceanpower is the core in the research of standard, settling in Pingshan will be in the way of advanced standard and manufacture development. Oceanpowers headquarters lies in Tianan Cyber Part, whose business involved in the technology of water security, ecological disinfection, advanced materials in civil engineering, constructure color planning support and so on. Oceanpowers technology in environmental water supply and drainages disinfection technology has achieved the international advanced level. Oceanpowers equipment is widely used in the whole country including 14 provinces and 43 cities and 202 waste water treatment factories, which have dealt with over 20 million ton per day. Oceanpowers waste water treatment have take about 65% of the Chinese market, which have make a great effort in Chinas water security.

Sifting from Leading Technology to Leading Standard

Oceanpower takes the lead in carrying out standard strategies; succeed in realizing product leadership, technology leadership and standard leadership. Oceanpower tightly hold five elements of independent patent, technical standard, scientific research platform, low-carbon technology and market application. In recent years, Oceanpower has taken part in editing 96 items of technology standard, including 6 international standards, 45 international standard, 37 industrial standard and 8 local standard. Oceanpower takes 3 seats in the secretary of international standard technology committee, 6 seats in the secretary of national standard technology committee.