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The recycled asphalt concrete national standards won the award of shenzhen standard
Date:2015/1/7 16:48:18

2013 Shenzhen Science and Technology awards conference was held on December 18, 2014.Wang rong, Xu Qin and other leaders attended the meeting and prizes to the winners.Shenzhen oceanpower industrial co., LTD. participate in the establishment of the national standard of the recycled asphalt concrete (standard GB/T25033-2010) "won the award of 2013 shenzhen standard.

The recycled asphalt concrete national standard referring to the technical indexes of related products at domestic and abroad, combined with the engineering application practice in our country, put forward the technical indexes with scientific and reasonable, operable, will play a positive role in promoting and regulating asphalt roadbed recycling in China .The standard to fill the domestic blank of regenerated asphalt concrete product standards, reached the leading domestic level. Shenzhen prize award in the international standards, national standards, industry standards and technical standards in shenzhen city

Shenzhen prize of standard award to organizations who have made great contribution in the international standards, national standards, industry standards and technical standards.Oceanpower held "independent patent, technical standards, scientific research platform, the application of low-carbon technologies, market application" five elements.Implement the strategy of standardization, successfully realized the leading technology standard and leading products.Oceanpower shares have participated in the establishment of standard in recent years and won the shenzhen prize,it is the recognition and encouragement of people's government of shenzhen .