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Oceanpower New Material Co,.LTD took part in the National highway science and technology achievements promotion conference and made a speech
Date:2014/5/9 15:35:25

     On May 8, 2014, Oceanpower new material technology co., LTD attended the National highway science and technology achievements promotion conference which was held in Guangzhou.The meeting was held by the China highway institute and Guangdong highway institute, Co-organized by Guangdong transportation hall, Guangdong Changda traffic science research institute,, Shanxi highway engineering co., LTD., Shenzhen Oceanpower new materials technology co., LTD and Liaoning bureau of highway administration.This is the first time of the National highway science and technology achievements promotion conference, the attendance near 180 people.

   The meeting was hosted by Guangdong Changda company,Research institute of Shanxi province,Highway survey institute of Liaoning province and Oceanpower new materials co,.Ltd respectively, and made a introduction about the achievements of projects such as Energy-saving modified asphalt preparation technology and High performance anti-crack asphalt mixture preparation technology, Complete sets of cold regeneration technology of bubble asphalt , Asphalt warm-mix preparation and added device technology.We made a speech about The thoughts and experience of Guangdong engineering technology research and development center of new road engineering materials.And we took the methods such as display on the spot and interact communication,displayed the Warm-mix agent of Oceanpower asphalt,Flexible color asphalt pavement,High modulus asphalt concrete technology,Flame-retardant modifying agent to industry leaders, experts, scholars, engineers.Part of our products are praised by many customers,some industry insiders showed the intention of cooperation.

   This reference will promote our products and enhance our company's popularity in this industry,and  provided favorable conditions for our products to occupy the market high ground in the future.