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China coating enterprise leaders meeting of blue ocean strategy in Oceanpower stood was held smoothly
Date:2014/6/25 15:32:21

   On June 20, 2014, a yellow bus ran into Guangdong Oceanpower slowly,China coating enterprise leaders meeting of blue ocean strategy which held together by China Coating Association and Guangdong  Coating association was started in Guangdong Oceanpower station.The conference aims to coating development, to explore Chinese paint companies how to get rid of the cruel red-sea price competition and apply the blue ocean strategy smoothly , so as to promote China to be a strong country in coating industry.Participants are domestic famous enterprises, chairman of the board of directors and general manager.Oceanpower as a domestic well-known coating materials venture was also invited to attend the meeting and hosted the Oceanpower station.

    Executive director of Oceanpower Mr.He Wei Ping introduced the history of Oceanpower to participants.In the exhibition hall on the second floor in the company, bosses showed their great admiration on the rich product line and the innovation ability of Oceanpower coating material, especially had great interest in Oceanpower's new minted water-based paint natural emulsion.In natural latex product exhibition and experience area, the guests took look, smell, touch, brush and other methods, cheerful compared the smell and various performance of top natural coating emulsion and synthesized emulsion at home and abroad, bosses excited to came to the conclusion: both smell and coating performance, natural emulsion are better than top synthetic emulsion at home and abroad, especially in the use of renewable raw materials, natural latex has prominent advantage of environmental protection.

   At the scene of the communication and the dinner party, Oceanpower's color card was introduced in detail, the urban color planning and design, printing ink, color mixing machine, additives and natural latex products.Some of bosses were going to order our products on the spot, some asked for sample test, all said that they were going to have a in-depth cooperation and common development with Oceanpower.leaders of China Coating Association and Guangdong Coating association praised the trip in Oceanpower promoted the China coating enterprise leaders exchange meeting of blue ocean strategy to a climax, and achieved successfully.

   Well-known paint enterprise bosses gathered in Oceanpower improved our popularity significantly in the industry , laid a good foundation in the rapid development of the coating material for Oceanpower.