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The national standard Warm Mix Asphalt Concrete edited mainly by Oceanpower was published
Date:2014/8/26 14:33:51

  The national standard Warm Mix Asphalt Concrete edited mainly by Oceanpower industrial co., LTD,was published by the No. 11 document(announcement of national standard of the People's Republic of China)of the China national standardization management committee in 2014, the standard number is GB/T 30596-30596, release date is June 9, 2014,applying since December 1, 2014.

  According to the Information of The[2010] no. 87 2010 National Standard Revise Plan issued by national standard committee of national standardization management committee,Oceanpower was the chief editor, cooperate together with the Highway Investment Development CO., LTD., Highway Science and Technology Institute in Yunnan Province , Traffic Science Research Institute of Qinghai province, Shanghai Chipeng Engineering Materials Technology CO., LTD.,Guangdong Oceanpower Technology CO., LTD., Changsha University of Science and Technology, Yunnan Yunling Highway Bridge Engineering CO., LTD.

   This standard was based on a large number of investigation and study, referenced related standards both in domestic and abroad, combined with the actual situation in our country, put forward a specific provision to the related technology content of warm mix asphalt concrete , and based on sufficient and reasonable indicators, has a scientific nature, advancement and operability.It will play a positive role in the normalization and promote the development of the application of warm-mix asphalt concrete in our country.This standard filled a domestic blank of warm-mix asphalt concrete standards, reached the international advanced level.

   The release of this standard,was a important progress in technology innovation of Oceanpower,also highlighted our leading position in the field of warm-mix asphalt concrete .