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Leader and Expert of CCCC Highway Survey&Design Co. Ltd. of FHEC Visited Oceanpower
Date:2014/9/28 14:27:30

    On the afternoon of September 25th, Vice chief engineer Zhao Yongguo of CCCC Highway Survey&Design Co. Ltd. of FHEC, Director Wang Meng of Technology and the Internationalization Department, Vice manager Chen Tuanjie of CCCC Rui Tong Bridge Maintenance Technology Co. visited Oceanpower with CEO of the Oceanpower New Material, Liu Zhijun.
     After the presentation about the products of Oceanpower, the experts exchaged ideas extensively with Oceanpower technicians on durable asphalt, green concrete, flexible pavement, fiber grating sensors, applications under water, GFRP technology.
    Experts of CCCC Highway Survey&Design Co. Ltd. highly praised the achievement Oceanpower made in the innovation of green road material, they also gave suggestions on the future development of products and technologies. The cooperation between two parties is feasible and complementary. Oceanpower was invited to attend the International Symposium on Roads and Road Network Operation Technology Disaster Prevention and Reduction held by CCCC Highway in November.