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Development History
In the beginning, there were only 12 persons in our company, when we were partners of American ContiGroup. We have pushed the edible palm oil products of Asia to the developing Chinese food industry, Chemical industry and Light industry
The number of employees in the company grew to 39, and at that moment, our chief cooperator was Henkel. We have introduced the advanced natural fatty alcohol products and technology of Germany into the Chinese market, which firstly opened up the Chinese cosmetics trade, auto industry, chemical industry and special material field.
We have taken the lead in the environmental agriculture products of Japanese Sumitomo Chemical Company to the Chinese market and set up the stable base for the development of the ecosystem and kill-mosquito's undertaking.
We have worked together with the largest Australian Group Dunlop and introduced its advanced alternative power technology into Chinese auto, national defense and communication industry, which greatly promoted the development of these trades.
We have cooperated with the largest German Group Hoechst and introduced the geo-technological fabric which was suitable for U.S.A. federal Highway Administration Bureau standard and have introduced advanced highway system, including Highway, Provincial highway and town road, etc. into the Chinese market. We have made the national sector standard in succession in 1996, and started the first expressway of China using advanced material. As for now, the materials are produced jointly in China.
We began to associate with General Motors Corporation, the biggest motor corporation all over the world, and won the only " the silver medal " of Asia in 1996, that is what American General Motors Corporation awarded to the agent of General Motors’ part and technology distribution. At the same time the most advanced automobile part and after-sale service technologies in the world were introduced into China.
The staff embodied about 120. The famous medicines of Bayer Company, the biggest chemistry-medical giant in the world, had been lead in the Chinese market. Among them high blood pressure, diabetes, aspirin had become the best clinical medicine in Chinese hospital and drugstore at the end of the 1990.
The whole product line of the best supplier of coating waterman-ship additive-Germany Cognis in the world had been lead in China. And the circular training seminars, which had opened the new mode in selling the waterman-ship architectural coating, had been hold more than 150 times a year, in the whole country.
We had cooperated with the metal section of special chemicals of the subsidiary company Zeneca of ICI and for the first time introduced the most advanced technology on electricity corrodes of extracting technology in the high electrolytic copper production that provided the active model for China modern industry technology.
The number of our employees increased into 600, rapidly. We had brought in French Rhodia Cooperation's medicines on Liver health care to China and made the positive far-reaching meaning to promote the disease prevention and control of China's " fatty liver " field.
We had founded the strategic alliance with the Canadian Trojan Company for the first time; introduced UV technology into the Chinese market; established the scientific foundation in using UV to replace the liquid of chlorine on ecotype city water, city supply water, advanced semiconductor industry. Since now we had erected many demonstration bases and model projects in Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangshu , etc.
. We had brought in the USA ecotype " Ranpak " pack technology to the Chinese market that had always been such trans-corporations' first choice as Intel, IBM, HP GM, etc. The products had already been produced jointly at home at present.
. Joint International Road Federation and became the only regional member of IRF in China.
. The advanced technology of modified asphalt road pavement [SMA + chemical fiber] from Accords Corporation in UK has been introduced into China for the first time, which plays a positive influence to strengthen estate management of the highway in China.
. Finland CPSCOLOR colorant, the integrated technology and related equipment from Italy COROB company had been introduced into China, which pioneered Chinese building coating market, meanwhile it also realized technology innovation of building coating in China.
Our company staff topped 800. We were in the top tenth companies of applying and inventing the patents of Guangdong Province, firstly.
. We became the first enterprise with the Chinese Building Color System Standard of the independent intellectual property right and relevant technological products, up to now.
. Since 2002, we had established branch companies or the office in 30 provincial capitals of the whole country.
. We signed the agreement that was set up the feasible scheme of joint venture with Spain ELSAMEX Company, in January. 2003.
. We signed the memorandum that was built the technological joint venture of pitch regeneration of the superhighway with the Italian Iterchimica Company, in February. 2003.
. The staff topped 1000,in 2004.
. First post-doctor entered Postdoctoral Programmer .
. Chosen as the important technical standard study special unit .
. Be in the top 100th enterprises of the amount of the application for patent .
. Our company was given "the certificate of enterprise qualification in architecture industry" by the National Construction Department.
. The chemical laboratory in our company has certificated by National Laboratory and was awarded the CNAL qualification.
. American "Basic Asphalt Recycling Manual", translated by our company, will be published by Public Communication Press.
. OCEANPOWER was awarded "Shenzhen Superior Enterprise of Intellectual Property"
. OCEANPOWER was Awarded "2006 China Business Science and Technology Top 100 Enterprises"and "China Enterprise Informationlization Top 500"
. OCEANPOWER was awarded "Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Center"
. The National Standard for GB/T15608-2006 China Color System was Published Formally
. The National Standard for Soft Ice Cream Machine and Soft Ice Cream Power passed the Certification
. Instruction to the Ultraviolet Disinfection of Drinking Water and Recycling Water and Guide to Paving Technology in Janpan was Published Formally
. "Radspunrie----the Specialty Rut Resistent Agent " Passed the Certification of Provincial and Ministerial Level
. OCEANPOWER Corporation is the secretary unit of "National Technical Committee 299 on Ultraviolet Disinfection of Standardization Administration of China"
. Industrialization Base of OCEANPOWER Post-doctorate Achievements settled in Heyuan High-tech Industrial Area
. OCEANPOWER patent application obtained the 5th place in Guangdong Province and the 7th place.
. OCEANPOWER was awarded "Futian District Warden Quality Award", "Shenzhen Leading Backbone Private Enterprise" and "2007 Shenzhen Top Ten Circulation economy Enterprise".
. National standards "Color paste for Tinting System" and "Methods of color specification for building purposes" passed the examination.
. OCEANPOWER Series Products was selected into "11th five-year Manual for Construction and Science Technology".
. OCEANPOWER Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipments win the tender of the biggest project in Asia.
. Guangdong Provincial Local Standard "Binder, pigment and aggregate for hot-mix and hot-lay multicolor pavement" had been published to put into effect
. OCEANPOWER Color Training Center will take charge of the examination on National Professional Qualification Authentication of Shenzhen Color Designer (Senior, Medium and Junior degree)
. OCEANPOWER many products passed the certificate by International Profession Certification Association, which enhance the overall competitiveness in the international market.
. Heyuan OCEANPOWER post-doctoral industrialization base completion ceremony was held
. GB/T15608-2006《Chinese color system》,won the Shenzhen standard Innovation Award in 2008
. OCEANPOWER won " The annual pay taxes private enterprises of Futian District"
. Executive director Weiping He won the 1st "Outstanding talent of Futian District", and appointed as a member of Futian District Personnel expert database.
. Sterilization aging homogeneous machine was developed successfully
. OCEANPOWER SBS Asphalt production line was run successfully
. "Green durable concrete industrialization of key technologies" research projects was accepted by the Ministry of Construction
. OCEANPOWER was identified as "high-skill talent training base"
. A successful bid of Chinese largest scale project (600000 tons / day)
. The rapid development of professional websites. Website building, website operator has a greatly improved
. Recognized by the national high-tech enterprises
. "OCEANPOWER" was cognizanced "Guangdong famous trademark" and "Shenzhen famous brand"
. <<Dedicated heavy traffic asphalt pavement rutting resistance agent>>wins the national key new product plan project
. National Standards Commission approve OCEANPOWER to be the secretariat enterprise of TC39-SC1 association
. Establishment group of several industry technical specifications is set up and OCEANPOWER is its editor, this means the 1st working Conference held successfully
. Bid for the sewage treatment facility construction project, set up a record of the most number of bid in domestic counterparts
. OCEANPOWER ice-cream machine pass the product certification of UL、ETL
. 《Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement Guide》《Highway reconstruction project construction technology overhaul》officially published
. OCEANPOWER finalist "2008 Top 100 Enterprises in Shenzhen"
. 2008 OCEANPOWER has won several prestigious awards
. OCEANPOWER shares being awarded the "2006-2007 hundred private enterprises in Guangdong Province"
. Shenzhen Futian District the low-carbon business Association was formally established
. Executive director Weiping He won the Top Ten Innovator Award Nominations of Guangdong Province
. A number of our national standards research projects was accepted
. The eleventh Five-Year National Science and Technology tasks which were taken by OCEANPOWER was ended successfully
. Heyuan base was identified as "Guangdong private technology enterprise" and other awards
. OCEANPOWER wins " The key enterprise of Guangdong through-train service enterprise" and other awards
. OCEANPOWER color, OCEANPOWER chemical, win the Shenzhen innovation product recognized
. OCEANPOWER color Wins National SME Technology Innovation Fund
. Win"The second AAA credit Import and export enterprises of Shenzhen"、" The annual pay taxes private enterprises of Futian District" and other awards
. The UV products of OCEANPOWER are used in largest project in Asia - Shanghai Bailong
harbor project
. The GT1000 UV products which was self-development will be applied in the country
. The color cards of OCEANPOWER color had created a sales record and growth
. The Inaugural Meeting of Asphalt Concrete Sub-technical Committee of National Concrete Standardization Technical Committee was held successfully.
. Council of Road Materials and Application Technology of Shenzhen Public Road Association was established.
. Heyuan OCEANPOWER Become Enterprise workstation of Academician expert.
. OCEANPOWER Food Tech Co.,Ltd was identified as State-level High-tech Enterprises.
. OCEANPOWER Engineering Tech Co.,Ltd.'s R&D project Wins Science and Technology Innovation Award of Shenzhen City.
. OCEANPOWER participate in "The CHINA-JAPAN-KOREA Standards Cooperation Forum" & "The 10th Northeast Asia Standards Cooperation Forum-Busan,Korea".
. Provincial Committee and Government & Municipal Committee and Government Visit OCEANPOWER Repeatedly for Investigation and Survey.
. OCEANPOWER Testing Center Passes the Assessment by National Accreditation Council.
. Various of New Products of OCEANPOWER Engineering Tech Co.,Ltd Passes National Standards Commentator and Expert's Appraisal.
. OCEANPOWER's project Wins the 1th Prize of Heyuan Science and Technology Award.
. The 2011 Annual Meeting of National Color standardization Technical Committee was held in Hefei.